Environmental Policy

We are commited to minimising our impact on the environment.

Here are a few of the steps we take to do our bit...

- In decorating the apartment, we have used many reclaimed, repurposed materials

- We use fresh flowers grown on-site when possible

- Our bedlinen and towels are laundered by Sunlight. We approved of their Corporate Social Responsibility statements.

- Each bedroom has refillable dispensers for handwash, hand lotion and shower gel. They are made from natural ingredients and sourced locally from Bath House

- We recycle paper, glass, plastic, tin and cardboard. We also have a compost system which is used on our garden and orchard.

- We re-use timber, stone and other building materials when maintaining and improving the building and grounds

- We are always looking for new ways to make ourselves more environmentally-friendly whilst making sure our guests have a comfortable and high-quality experience with us.

Being Green Being Green
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